Latest Smartphone – Galaxy S4 Zoom

Samsung is one of the leading smartphone manufactures in the world today. In fact, they share the biggest portion of the smartphone market together with Apple. They have been producing the latest quality smartphone for years which boasts unique features and capabilities. They have produced a gem in the Galaxy S4 product line specifically the Galaxy S4 Zoom. Here are the cool features of S4 Zoom and what sets it apart from other S4 models and other smartphones.

In-call photo sharing

When we use our phone to call somebody, we usually can’t access the other features of the phone such as the camera, the SMS service and other features. With the Galaxy S4 Zoom, you will be surprised at what it can do. You can take a picture and text it to your friend even while you are talking to her on the phone. As you are calling, you can use the camera app along with its other functions. Most people think that it is a smartphone when in fact it is more than a smartphones. It is actually a video camera, a still camera and Android smartphone combined into one device.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom: First smartphone to offer 10x optical zoom

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom: First smartphone to offer 10x optical zoom

Shortcut and quick launch feature

Everything is made easy in the Samsung S4 zoom even for those that are not that technical. The Quick Launch feature allows you to choose the right camera mode in a particular situation. You can access this feature by twisting the front-mounted zoom ring. Once you twist it, the display will let you choose the available camera modes including the Program, Manual, Smart Mode, Gallery and Auto mode. On top of that you can make your own custom settings and save it as another mode called My mode.

Control your optimal zoom

Even starters can capture professional-looking photographs using the Samsung S4 zoom. This is because they replaced the traditional buttons and dials with digital controls that are smooth and easy to use. You won’t surely have a hard time using the zoom control and the results are staggering. You get to capture professional shots that will surely capture your best memories. By using this feature you get to capture wide-angle pictures and add a tight-focus effect to your photos.

Optical zoom

For many people, when it is big it is better. This may be true to other situations but does not apply always most especially for those that are fond of using the zoom feature. With the Galaxy S4’s 10x optical zoom, you will be able to capture beautiful and accurate pictures even if the subject is very far way. You can even create beautiful pop-ups of the pictures that you have just taken using the zoom-ring adjustment feature and S4’s quality optics. It’s like capturing a picture using a professional camera but is actually taken from a smartphone.




There are still more features of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom that you will surely enjoy. Of course, you won’t get to experience this not unless you experience it yourself. So what are you waiting for? Grab your very own Galaxy S4 Zoom now.

5 Ways To Make That Ex Jealous: The Right Way!

A breakup can be one of the most empowering moments in a person’s life. Yes, it could factor in a tremendous amount of pain, but it also carries with it the possibility of better things. It’s the one time that you will be able to test your strength, as well as – of course – prove something. And, it does not have to be bad for you want to do that. Sometimes, the thrill of knowing you’re doing something that makes your ex go ‘Ugh, I wish we’re still together’ is more than enough.

If you’re gunning for that sucker-punched look on your ex’s face the next time he sees you, these five tips are always guaranteed to work:

Show Him you’re having Fun

Your ex-lover may want to think that your life stopped being good the moment you two split, but you shouldn’t give him that. Post pictures of you going out with your friends, trying new things, or just plain smiling. When he sees those, you can bet he’ll be wishing he was there with you in each of those photos.

Why Does My Husband's Ex-Wife Hate Me?

Why Does My Husband’s Ex-Wife Hate Me?

Don’t Give In to His Demands for Attention

You two may have called it quits, but that doesn’t mean he won’t think he’s still the center of your universe. This may lead to him going all up in your news feed and timeline talking about stuff he’s just done, but don’t tell him anything. It will drive him crazy.

Tell Him You Want to Set Him Up

Nothing punctures an ex’s inflated ego better than letting him know that you just haven’t moved on, you’re even willing to see him with another girl. Try to set him up with someone that you know, and he’ll be left there caressing his bruised ego and wondering why he let you go, in the first place.

5 Tips To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Jealous

5 Tips To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Jealous

Meet New Guys

Dudes who feel something for a girl don’t handle competition well. Even if your ex is out telling the whole world that he’s not into you anymore, he still wouldn’t want to see you out with a guy. After all, it sends the message that you’ve finally realized that he isn’t the one, and you wouldn’t pine for him anymore.

Be Successful

Living it up and becoming a better version of yourself always spells out the start of truly amazing things for you, and your ex will exactly see it that way. Success, as they say, is the ultimate revenge. So, doing your best and just going for it allows you to hit two birds with one stone. You and him will get to see just how much more beautiful your life can be – especially without him in it!

When Is Television Too Much For Your Kids?

Watching television has been an addictive past time for many Americans. On the average, family members spend approximately 4 to 6 hours each day sitting before a TV set. This number gets even higher for the non-working stay-at-home section of the population – smaller kids and older folks.

While watching television can be enriching for young minds, there are also dangers posed by too much exposure to the television. Many child psychologists agree that too much unguarded TV time for kids can pose serious risks to value formation and behavioral development.

BREAKING NEWS: Doctors Say Too Much TV Is Bad For Your Kids

BREAKING NEWS: Doctors Say Too Much TV Is Bad For Your Kids

The following signs should tell you when TV is too much already for your kids.

Kids pick up street language. If you discover your kids using words that are not supposed to be used by people at their age, then it is more likely your kids are watching too much TV. Picking up coarse language is an outward sign that your kids are learning wrong values. They probably have been exposed to programs not suited for their age. Programs with sensitive themes and language should not be given to kids or at least watched with adult supervision.

Your kids lose interest in more productive activities

Another disastrous effect of TV addiction among kids is the growing lack of interest in more productive activities like sports and other creative hobbies. Kids would often find an excuse to miss out on important family bonding times or social gatherings and would rather stay at home and spend the time in their rooms watching TV. Kids like these fail to develop important social skills and values like industry, hard work, productivity, and creativity.

How much TV is your child watching?

How much TV is your child watching?

Your kids’ school performance has declined

Academic performance is a very good indicator that your kids are spending way too much time before the television. Their grades suffer because their homework is oftentimes left undone so they can catch their favorite TV programs. They also fail to study for important exams. This is exacerbated by a lack of TV viewing schedule at home. You are probably way too busy at work and have resorted to the help of the TV set as a substitute babysitter for your children.

Your kids talk about adult issues

One of the scariest effects of too much TV is having your kids exposed to sensitive topics or issues like violence and sex. When left on their own, kids can develop distorted beliefs and values regarding these topics and these can become so ingrained in their value system that they continue to manifest even to adulthood.

Indeed, watching too much TV is disastrous for your family life. Being a working parent should not be an excuse for you to lose track of your kids viewing time and habits. It is best that you restrict TV exposure to one or two hours a day. Enforce viewing rules at home and stick to these as best you can. Bending them will only make your kids think that they can get away with things. If possible, engage in responsible co-viewing so you can monitor what your kids watch and what they should not.

5 Biggest Resume Mistakes You Should Avoid

Your resume is a very important part of your job application. It can give you an edge over other candidates or it can also be the reason why you won’t get an interview invitation. Making a resume is very challenging especially when you’re aiming for a perfect one. There are mistakes that people usually make. Here are the 5 biggest resume mistakes you should not commit.

  1. Spelling and grammar errors and typos

Your resume shouldn’t have any of these errors. In other words, the grammar should be perfect. You don’t want your resume to be thrown to the trash bin or ignored once an error is spotted. An employer will immediately have second thoughts about hiring you once these mistakes are seen. They may conclude that you’re not careful with the things you do, you simply don’t care, or you can’t write well.

Resume Building Mistakes You Should Avoid in 2014

Resume Building Mistakes You Should Avoid in 2014

  1. You only have one resume for all your job applications

Employers don’t like resumes that look too general. It’s pretty obvious that the person who submitted the resume didn’t care to customize one for the particular employer. Employers want resumes that are written specifically for them. This kind of resume has the information employers need such as a person’s qualifications and experience that make him or her perfect for the position.

  1. Incorrect or missing contact information

Before you submit your resume, make sure to double check the information you provided. If you just changed your contact information, be sure to update it. You might just miss the chance to get an interview once the employer tries calling you and realizes that you’re no longer using the phone number you gave them. Worse, if you don’t have any contact information on your resume, there’s no way they could reach you.

Top 5 common Resume Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Top 5 common Resume Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

  1. It lacks information

When you list your work experience, make sure that you include important information such as your specific duties and your accomplishments. Don’t just right the kind of job you had. Potential employers want to know what you did and how well you did in your previous jobs.

  1. Your resume has too much information

There are things you have to include in your resume such as your work experience and your educational background. There are also some details that don’t need to be there. It’s important to always take your audience into consideration when making you resume. There are recruiters that prefer short and concise resumes. If that’s the case, then you should give them a short resume. Even one page will do. Just make sure that all the information they need is present.

If you successfully avoid these mistakes when making your resume, you’ll have a greater chance of getting the job. Remember that there are so many people competing for one vacant slot. If you don’t do well with your resume, you won’t stand out. You’ll merely become one of the applicants. Also, keep in mind that not everyone gets a chance to be interviewed. You only have one chance to present yourself to the employer and that is through the resume you submit to them.

Selecting A Great Name For Your Company

The business world is a very complex dimension to comprehend because most of the time, all you can think about is profit, profit, and more profit. That’s the reality of having a business and not for charity’s sake. Businesses should be named after a brand people will most likely think and talk about.

A good business name will attract potential buyers because simply for the reason that you name is just too good to take your eyes away from. Take for example, Adidas, it’s a shoe brand name company many people go to because it just sounds too good to resist even just listening to it. If you plan to start a business, choose a name that’s catchy and alluring.

How To Choose A Good Name For Your Business or Product

How To Choose A Good Name For Your Business or Product


Giving it a Relevant or Catchy Name for Attraction

Some businesses are just straightforward and name their company after their main brand of products. They are being relevant to the fact that most people go for direct brands from companies so that they can easily sort out what they need which is easier.

One the other hand, companies who insist on choosing a unique name for their company make it catchy and cool so that people will get curious on what that brand or company has to offer them. It sounds alluring that’s why people get so much attracted.

Keeping it Short and Simple

Make a name for your company that people can easily remember with just one or two words tops. Don’t put in a phrase or worse, a sentence just to build your establishment’s name.

Checklist for Choosing a Great Business Name

Checklist for Choosing a Great Business Name


People don’t mind long names for companies because they easily forget them. Make it simple for them so that every time they think of something to buy which can be bought at your place, then they will immediately think of your company or brand.

Print It Visibly For Everyone to See Clearly

Put up your own logo with the business name built on it. It is essential that your logo will be visible to everyone with all catchy designs and effects so that people will get attracted and lured in to your company.

Make sure the fonts, color, size of the letterings are adequate enough so that they can see clearly. Place your logo in places where most people gather or hang out such as in malls or cafes. This will make it easier for them to see your sign and be brought to you place.

A company will thrive if people are brought in because of their interest on what you have to offer. The first thing to always do as a marketing strategy is to lure in people. You do that well, then you are on your way to earning profit, profit, and more profit.